Parish Council Meetings/Minutes
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The Minutes and Agenda of meetings are available for download as PDF files. To view these files you will need a PDF viewer. Your computer probably already has this installed but if not, Adobe provide a free one here.

Please note: Minutes of Council meetings are published after each meeting and are potentially subject to alterations before approval. Should the minutes be altered, the updated version will be reposted here.

Meetings and Minutes
Thu 14th Jan 2021Agenda
Thu 10th Dec 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Nov 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Oct 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Sep 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 6th Aug 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Jul 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Jun 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th May 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Apr 2020AgendaMinutes
Tue 31st Mar 2020KINGS CLIFFE PARISH COUNCIL : Accounts for Year ending 31st March 2020
Thu 12th Mar 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Feb 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Jan 2020AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Dec 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Nov 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Oct 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Sep 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Jul 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Jun 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th May 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Apr 2019AgendaMinutes
Sun 31st Mar 2019 Accounts for Year ending 31st March 2019
Thu 14th Mar 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 7th Feb 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Jan 2019AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Dec 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Nov 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Oct 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Sep 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Jul 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Jun 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th May 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Apr 2018AgendaMinutes
Sat 31st Mar 2018Accounts to March 31 2018
Thu 8th Mar 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Feb 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Jan 2018AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Dec 2017AgendaMinutes
Wed 15th Nov 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Oct 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Sep 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Jul 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Jun 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th May 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 6th Apr 2017AgendaMinutes
Fri 31st Mar 2017Accounts to March 31 2017
Thu 9th Mar 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Feb 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Jan 2017AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Dec 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Nov 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Oct 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Sep 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Jul 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Jun 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 5th May 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Apr 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 31st Mar 2016Accounts to March 31 2016
Thu 10th Mar 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Feb 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Jan 2016AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Dec 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Nov 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Oct 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Sep 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Jul 2015 AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Jun 2015.AgendaMinutes
Thu 21st May 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Apr 2015AgendaMinutes
Tue 31st Mar 2015Accounts to March 2015
Thu 12th Mar 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Feb 2015 AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th Jan 2015AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Dec 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Nov 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Oct 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Sep 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 7th Aug 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Jul 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Jun 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 8th May 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 10th Apr 2014 AgendaMinutes
Fri 14th Mar 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Feb 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th Jan 2014AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Dec 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 14th Nov 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 3rd Oct 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 12th Sep 2013Agenda
Thu 8th Aug 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Jul 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 13th Jun 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 9th May 2013AgendaMinutes
Thu 11th Apr 2013AgendaMinutes

A N Random Kings Cliffe Image A N Random Kings Cliffe Image A N Random Kings Cliffe Image